Thursday, September 2, 2010


I finally tore down the flower border and repainted the kitchen.  If I knew how easy it would be I would have done it before we moved in... the closet on the other hand is a different beast... it took me an extra day of sweat and blood to get everything in... what a nightmare but it honestly keeps everything more organized.
Martha Stewart's Cornbread Yellow
New Closet
Compacts 300 cans for food storage
Section: Basic Concept was to keep everything visible


  1. Wow. I love your cute kitchen! The yellow makes it so cheery and that closet is amazing. Did you build those shelves? So cool. I love that idea and it seems to make so much sense storage wise. Good work! And now you can enjoy it!

  2. I love it!! The yellow is a great touch. I'm super impressed with the closet. Just this week I cleaned out and reorganized our pantry... and I tell ya, there's something about visibility that is SO IMPORTANT. I also want to know (like Shannon): did you build/design the shelves yourself?

  3. Oh I am so so excited about these pictures!! I have been wanting to see how the kitchen turned out. Love the yellow. Love it. And Stanford that pantry is amazing. Seriously. That shelving system is fabulous. Love that it can hold 300 cans.

  4. Looks great! I'm jealous that your kitchen is so organized. Mine is just waiting until we get the gumption (and funds) to rip it apart and make it functional.

    BTW... I'm going to be in Vegas not this weekend, but the next. I posted this on your FB, but you never look there. Anyway, we are tied up doing birthday stuff with Jeremy's friend through Sunday, but do you think you might be available for a lunch on Monday? I'd love to meet Maggie and would like to finally introduce you to Jeremy.


  5. Cut, Painted and Stained. Three other things that made this project horrid. First, since I couldn't just assemble everything and thing slide it into place, every piece had to be prefabricated in the garage 200 yards away from the house and then assembled in our confined closet. Second, the 1/2" tolerance designed for construction defects was hardly enough... which meant pieces had to be re-cut... another trip to the garage. Third, it was over a hundred degrees outside... need I say more. I must have walked a hundred miles because there was always I tool I needed in the garage and the more exhausted I got the more things I left behind. I really hated this project after the first day of hard labor... needless to say, I am taking a break from home improvement projects.

    PS. Teresa, sorry about FB but Monday is excellent... since Sara doesn't work... we would love get together... please call.

  6. That looks awesome guys. Nice work. I love the can storage.