Thursday, September 16, 2010

The next few days...

Stanford and Maggie have left the fort and I am home alone. They went to California to visit Michelle & fam. and Tonya (who is visiting from Washington). They'll be back soon but I was put in charge of keeping up the blog while they are you'll be hearing from me the next few days. We'll see if I can do as good a job as Stanford.

It's pretty funny looking through the gallery of photos and coming across one's I've never seen, like this one. That face just makes me laugh. She knows she shouldn't be climbing on the table, at least when mom's home. But with dad, it's a whole other story. I've missed playing with her tonight and giving her a million kisses. She is such a joy around our home.


  1. That is a great face. It says "look what I'm doing . . . aren't you going to stop me?" Adorable. Try to enjoy the down time, but I hear you about missing the kiddo.

  2. So funny! Love her expression. :)

  3. Love that you'll be on blog patrol this weekend!!

    And love that cute face. I hope you have a relaxing weekend (even as you miss all your diversions!)

  4. I think it has been too long since we have talked or emailed. I just love that picture too. She is so fun. I have been missing you lately. I wish I could watch Maggie all by myself for a few hours. She just makes me smile. Every time I watch my friends kids I wish it were yours or Carly's. I know I am weird, but it is true. Are you still coming to visit this month? Or no? Love you. Have fun looking through old pictures. And good luck staying home alone.

  5. yeah! i love that it's you blogging! that is such a cute have the cutest little girl sara!!!! i so long for the day when our kiddos can play and we can too!

    love you and miss you!