Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pacifier

Maggie loves her pacifier. Stanford re attached it to her crib before he left and I keep finding Maggie here periodically during the day. We are trying to ween her of it. When I find her I can't help but scoop her up and give her lots of lovin'. How cute is she?!


  1. that is too funny and way too cute. We need to start doing that process with Harper... it's tough!

  2. Seriously SO stinkin cute!!! She is a crack up. I think Chase would do that same thing though. I am always having to tell him to go put his back in his bed.

    Look at how long her curls are getting. And that dress is adorable too. She really is so so cute. I hope you have had a fun weekend with that cutie.

  3. hilarious! Is it like she is chained to the bed with out being chained :)

  4. What a crack up!! Seriously she is cute. And oh so kissable (can you resist those cheeks??)

    Pictures like this make me glad Raymond would never take a pacifier (although I did try!!)