Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doctor Vu

Sara and I went hiking after Maggie's one year check-up and vaccination. She weighed in at 25lbs 8ounces and measured 38" long. It was a gorgeous day. Maggie and I showed Sara all the cool places we have been exploring.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Security Breach

Life will never be the same. Today I woke up to my ordinary life being followed by Maggie. Shortly after walking out of her room she accidentally shut the door. I waited for her to start crying... but instead there was silence... then suddenly I heard an unfamiliar sound... I saw the knob wiggling and within a few seconds the door swings open. Maggie walks out. There is no turning back and life has changed without even a warning label or anything. My little girl is now super mobile.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Taya just celebrated her 17th Birthday! She loves to tease me about my age but with every passing year we grow closer in age. Yes, I calculated it out and in three years Taya will be half my age. Every passing year means we are growing closer in age. When I turn a hundred she will be eighty years old... ya, think about that!

Anyway, we love it when she visits. Taya is super optimistic. Since she was young, she has been cooking and helping around the house. She is genuinely kind to others and makes friends quickly. I can't believe some of the things we did when she was young. Most of them relate to camping. It seems like she was always hiking long distances with me, camping under the stars without a tent, sometimes hiking through the night. Once we swam across a glacier lake in Glacier National Park, that was her idea! Anyway, I have a million fabulous memories with her.

Taya didn't start growing hair until she was almost four... Maggie seems to have the same peach fuss cut. Hopefully when Maggie's hair comes in, it will be curly also, and I will never learn how to do girls hair. Anyway, we just wanted to send her a shout-out and happy birthday wishes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Did I tell you how much Maggie loves to thumb through books. It doesn't matter if they are picture books, magazines or dictionaries, she just loves to turn pages. She doesn't have the patience to be read the words either, she just wants to get to the next page. When she gets to the back cover she thumbs backwards to the beginning again and again, back and forth. Sometimes she will pretend like she is reading the words as she flips the pages. The sight of it brings laughter tears!

Sara thinks I am crazy but every morning I put Maggie on her potty for a few minutes and hand her a book to flip through. She will sit there contently with her book in hand for five to ten minutes. It works to because every morning since we have been doing this she has been tinkling in the potty. It is a funny thing, the things you get excited about as a parent.