Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miss Maggie Moo

Oh how I love this girl! She is almost 17 months and a whopping 30+ lbs! She loves to be out in the Las Vegas heat, more so than her mom and dad. The minute the front door opens she bolts towards it and is out picking up rocks (and throwing them), looking at the plants, and jibber-jabbering about the world in front of her. She loves to go to the park in the mornings and would rather explore her surroundings than play on the equipment. It's rare that she'll let us hold her for more than a few minutes.

This little girl knows what she wants & if she doesn't get it - oh watch out! She has mastered the art of throwing a fit. Sometimes I wonder if the terrible twos have joined us a bit early.

What I love best about Maggie is how happy she is. She laughs and giggles and will just look at you and smile. She will sit on the floor and pull up a book and "read" through it and laugh and point and move on to the next page and do it again. She also loves to sing. Whenever there is music on the radio or Stanford and I start singing, she joins right in. I love it!

It is fun to watch her learn and grow. She is one independent girl. I can't wait for her Uncle Chad to come home from his mission this week and meet her!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Richins Family Reunion

We had a record turn out at our family reunion. All of the siblings and cousins were there except Shandra, Steven and Zack. We got together for a little barbecue in St. George, Utah. Clarke drove in from Missouri. Tonya drove down from Washington. We drove all the way from Vegas! Michelle drove in from California. Jonathan drove drown from Salt Lake. Mom of course hitched a ride with Tonya. It was great fun and of course I took a picture of it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Zion Narrow 2010

I have been down the Narrows at least a dozen times but for most of our group this was their first time. The water was high and weather was perfect. We got a late start and arrived at camp site #7 just before dusk. We were exhausted but we mustered up the energy to cook dinner and crawled into bed. It was one of my favorite hikes through the Narrows. We had a great group. Everyone carried there own and helped with those struggling. We were all sore but it comes with the territory.  Tod was the hero of our trip for constantly helping anyone that was straggling or alone. We were all glad to hike out the second day. The slipper rocks and the heavy packs slowly wear away the body.   But we survived and I think everyone enjoyed it, despite the toil.