Sunday, June 29, 2008

When I was a kid...

my Grandpa "Golden Carlston" liked to go for Sunday drives around the neighborhood and admire the lawns and flowerbeds or the any changes in the community. I can also remember going for walks with my sister and looking at homes and admiring various architectural features and dreaming up our future homes with all their grandeur. So today, in the spirit of tradition, Sara took me on a walk and took a picture of everything she liked.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time for a little croquet

Last weekend Blake and his girlfriend Whitney were in town. On Sunday they came over and spent some time with us. We ate dinner, watched a movie, watched some episodes of The Office, played croquet and a played a game. Here's some pictures highlighting some of our fun. Blake is such a riot. He had never played croquet before but was quite good at it. Whitney and I were way behind and Stanford swept in and won the game. We both loved spending time with Blake and Whitney. You guys are welcome back anytime, especially for a little croquet!

side note: do you notice the gray cat in some of the pictures? This cat loves to hang out right outside our front door and if it could would make itself comfortable in our home. When we started to play croquet it wouldn't leave us alone. Blake and I were very much opposed to the cat and tried to send it on its way several times. Stanford and Whitney had much for compassion for it. Can you tell I'm not a cat person. Sorry Stanford.