Sunday, December 23, 2007

A California Christmas

Stanford and I are in California!!! We got here Friday night and are staying until Wednesday. I LOVE being home! Everyone is here...Carly, Blake, Chad, and us (and of course Paige who is always here). Tasha is also around and we've already seen her twice and will see her again tonight at the family Christmas party at the Olson's. It's been quite a party around here with singing and piano playing and movie watching and just spending time with family. (View and download the pictures) Merry Christmas from warm, sunny California!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

How I love technolgy

Whenever someone asks me what I want... I can never think of anything... being as we are already so happy, but today I remembered I have been creating this huge list of books on amazon (stanford's list) which I will probably never get around to buying. Anyway, I thought I would publish it as useful Christmas gifting information... maybe I can get Sara to do the same thing.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Newly Weds

Jack was a pepper-jack
round cheese gut
Jane was a mix
part Labrador, part All-Bran
Jack sang the chorus
on tune, who knew?
Jane sang the lyrics
break-dance, hip-hop
Jack was a hydrostat
unrushed and unbookmarked
Jane was a broken thermostat
an icecream burn
Jack was a misfact
a word unknown
Jane was a flavor
right upside down
Jack was a misbeliever
an A.M. chirper
Jane was alarmist
perpetually snoozing
Jack was a misdemeanor
FedExed but undelivered
Jane was back seat driver
last word heard