Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Would you rip the wings off a living butterfly for a million dollars?   It is one of my favorite questions and one I think about on occasions.  My answer has always been "yes" but the more I think about it... the more I realize the answer should be "no!"  The real question is about about our conscience... you know the little thing that tells us if something is right or wrong.  If you would rip the wings off a living thing... just for fun... then this questions doesn't make much sense but if under normal circumstance you would never think of harming a butterfly then doing so for money illustrates how flimsy your conscience is.  So yes, the answer should be "no" but it is still "yes".


  1. Would you capture a praying mantis and freeze it for a science class? Does the education of the creature outweigh the death of it? I dunno just wondering.

  2. This questions aggravates me, because of how far it pushes justification. I feel like the question is simple, which is about the principle of cruelty for personal gain. I've been disagreed with more often that I've been agreed with.

  3. Well if someone gave me a million dollars to kill a scorpion, I would think it was a bonus. But who would offer such a thing? They are bound to know that I would be killing it anyway.

    Killing a poor defenseless butterfly feels different than killing a scorpion. Poor stepped-on scorpion. I bet if the butterfly had large talons that threatened children, we'd feel differently about it......