Sunday, September 5, 2010


Have you ever tried doing something everyday?  We tried eating oatmeal everyday but we soon grew to hate it.   But what if... what if we just kept eating it... even though we hated it... would we ever start to like it again?  If we had the gall to push through the mundane and the strength to get to the other side, would we find ourselves liking oatmeal more than we ever did before?  Well, I really wanted to go to bed without posting but I guess I am not ready to give up on my little experiment.  The picture was Sara's idea... and I figured why not... sometimes families are like oatmeal... there are a lot of things we do day after day... there are a lot of mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning up... even the fun things we do everyday become tedious sometimes... but if we have the gumption... there are rewards to repeated tasks... discoveries and secrets to be uncovered.


  1. This was just so motivational. I'm getting up right away to do my laundry. :) Kidding. Good work on pushing through with your project. I like knowing that I can count on seeing something to read on my Google Reader. Love the picture too!

  2. Go you Stanford. Way to keep at it. And I needed to hear this. Not about blogging...but about a lot of other things in my life. And I love that picture of your cute little family.

  3. Okay, that brought tears to my eyes and then to see your sweet family. Thanks, for the post!