Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

My Grandpa had his headstone long before he past away. When visiting we would always walk up to Fairview Cemetery to see his headstone. He was very proud of it and thought others shouldn't be the only ones to enjoy it.

My Father past away on 8.28.2006, unexpectantly! We buried him in Fairview Cemetery and my Mother asked me if I would design their headstone... which I gladly accepted. It has been nearly three years and Dad still has no headstone. I had the idea in my mind about what I wanted but I never couldn't get it on paper.

Finally, I called Mom and told her I was making a leap forward on the project. I think this should serve has my general idea and hope it does a better job than just words. There is a lot of symbolism in it. I think a few more notes might help clarity some of the important details but you get the general idea.

Grandpa's prized headstone, prior to death

Construction Notes

Reflective Puddle and Water Feature

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to Work

I went back to work today. I had 11 glorious weeks off. Time spent with Stanford, Maggie and lots of extended family. I was able to re coop from a hard and difficult delivery. I was able to have success at breastfeeding. I was able to nap and read and go for walks and bike rides. I was able to figure out ways to calm a crying baby.

Motherhood has been quite an adjustment for me. I kept thinking that after a difficult pregnancy things would be great. And while it's not been terrible, it's not been easy either. The constant spitting up, crying, and poopy diapers can sometimes cause me to want to pull my hair out. But the smiles and coos, cuddles and soft cheeks to kiss make up for those difficult times.

And today I had to do the most difficult thing of all and walk out my front door with purse, pump, lunch and water in tow and kiss my husband and sweet little girl goodbye. I was so nervous about this day. Not quite sure what to expect. It was not what I wanted and yet it was ok.

My day back at work could not have gone better. Stanford made me a smoothie for breakfast. I got the most perfect parking spot. There were welcome back signs all over my office, playroom and Peds unit. I got filled in on all that has happened in the last few months. I got to catch up on all the lives of my friends and co-workers. And the best part: the day went by quickly. And when I came home there was my husband and little girl waiting to greet me. Dinner was cooking & the table set. I feel blessed.

I think I just might be able to handle this.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have re-written my resume a thousand times since January… I have emailed and hand delivered my resume to dozens and dozens of firms, but to no avail.

OUR GAME PLAN: Sara would stay home and we would get by with one income… well we have managed to get by… but this Monday, Sara is going to return to work... and we are not giving up our plan, just buying time.

Not all of my time has been wasted looking for work… I have been able to spend an incredible amount of time with Sara, Maggie and family, which would have never happened otherwise.

Anyway, instead of investing my time trying to find work in ARCHITECTURE, I have decided to put my otherwise dormant skills to work. Once upon a moon, I sold my camera and equipment to help pay for graduate school, and I said good-bye to my photography endeavor, which was doing well but I knew I could not do everything.

After I graduated, I started collecting camera gear again and I recently updated my wedding photography website. Anyway, I never advertised myself and if anyone has advise or wedding leads, please check out our site or leave us a note.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Sara & Maggie after a bike ride

For the most part... I think Maggie really likes cruzing around in her little wagon... which incidentally we purchased for $2.68 out of pocket, after using our dividend and a REI gift card... very sweet... now hopefully we can get in shape.

Here's Sara and Maggie after the fact.

I love her

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pictures from the last few weeks

Maggie's first Easter
Dinner at our home with Stanford's mom, and our friends Mark, Sun & Jenny

Stanford's mother came to visit for an entire week following Easter. We loved having her help take care of Maggie! She spoiled (us all) rotten!

I love this picture of Maggie -right before a melt down.
She is sporting her new BYU shirt that she wears the day of my brother pitches

Stanford, Maggie and I took a trip to California for a week so I could visit some friends from my old job (love you guys!), go to Julie's art show at UCLA (awesome), see lots of other friends (Lori & Haws/Cinnamon, Tom & Max ... to name a few), and visit with my family. It was great fun. Here is us at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We only got 2 photo's before the batteries died on the camera.

Grandma Snowball holding Maggie for the first time!

Michelle's awesome birthday cake Stanford made for her birthday. We celebrated with her at her home in Lake Elsinore.

Friday, May 1, 2009

2 months old

11 lbs. 9 oz.
23 inches long

You are a much happier baby these days. You still have acid reflux and cry but not as much. You like to sit in your swing and look at the mirror and toys spinning. You also like to take your naps in your swing. You like to look at the ceiling fan and it can entertain you for quite a while. You also like to make noises with your mouth and chew on your fists. Your dad and I love to hold you and kiss your cute cheeks!