Monday, September 6, 2010

PS. Happy Birthday Mom:)

Today was awesome because Sara made all the arrangements for our day... all I had to was drive.  She wanted to go hiking (I know... I thought it was a little strange myself... but honestly I had nothing to do with it).  We drove out to Mt. Charleston and hiked three miles (round trip) with a 1,000 ft elevation gain.  We followed a steep series of switch backs which lead us to our beautiful destination, Marry Jane Falls.  I tell everyone I feed Maggie rocks because she is so solid, but try hauling 30lbs of sleeping rocks up a mountain.  It was great for her because SHE WOKE UP right when we arrived... ahh perfect... what did I miss?  Maggie bounced and hummed... the whole way down.  At the bottom we ate lunch (courtesy of Sara) and drove home.  Thanks Sara:)

Marry Jane Falls


  1. It was such a fun outing, I'm glad we did it. And you forgot to mention you carrying Maggie PLUS the camera on the way down (that camera is not light!).

  2. SO FUN! I love how much all three of you love a good hike!

    (and way to be a champion "rock" hefter, Stanford.)

  3. Now that sounds like a great way to spend your Monday. And I am impressed you hiked with Maggie SLEEPING on your back. I think that is harder in some ways. Hiking sounds fun. I think we need to get out and do it again. Fun that Sara planned the whole thing :) I bet lunch was yummy too.

  4. What a perfect day! It looks beautiful there!