Wednesday, July 23, 2008


originally it was my responsibility to take the pictures... and then upload them to the computer... and Sara would post them but since she has been so sick lately... I decided to help empty the inbox by using the one-huge-conglomerate-posting method to put us current.

[[the official ring... just passing though]]

[[the official crash... just passing though]]

[[officially frustrated... politics... rising gas pricing... etc.]]

[[officially hanging in there... a long time...]]

[[before the official picture...]]

[[the official human spelling b]]

[[unofficial spider man...]]

[[unofficial downtime...]]

[[officially waiting...]]

[[official farewell...]]

[[the official redheads...]]

[[the official sisters...]]

[[the official picture...]]

[[official brother time...]]

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grand Canyon

I've been a terrible blogger. I begged and begged Stanford to download all the pictures we had and then I never made a post. So here I am, making things right. :) Last month we went to the Grand Canyon, West Rim with our friends Matt and Shawna. It was their first camping experience together and our first with friends. The night before we got together and made tin foil dinners and came up with a plan for our adventures the next day. We drove and packed our car up to its limit. We left around 5:30pm and headed out to Kingman where we were planning on camping. A little ways on the drive out we noticed a billboard pointing towards an entrance to the West Rim and decided to take that road out and find a camping spot off the road somewhere. That was really hard to come by but we finally found something closer than we normally like off the road that had no signs saying we were on government land or on private property. This is what we came up with ...

We had fun setting up camp, building a fire pit in the ground with coals, and cooking our tin foil dinners and peach cobbler in a dutch oven. Then we sat beneath the stars talking & turning off our flashlight every time we'd see a car come by ... just in case we weren't suppose to be there. The only time we ever had a good scare was at 1am when we were bolted awake at the sound of gunfire that felt like it was in our camp. The gunfire ended up getting quieter and Stanford and Matt got out of their tents and found car lights in the distance where they figured the gun fire was now coming from - probably shooting things under the full moon. They stayed up talking long after the car left, which kept me feeling very safe.

Next morning we got up, ate breakfast, played some catch phrase, and headed on our way to the West Rim. We had such a good time. We were a little disappointed when we got to the West Rim because you had to pay to park, pay to go on the Skywalk (which was our main goal) and pay to take a bus out to any of the areas on the West Rim. We ended up vetoing the Skywalk and spent a couple of hours at the different area's the bus took us to. Here are some pictures. It was a very fun day!