Monday, June 21, 2010

Maggie vs the Desk

After looking at desks for months, we finally decided to build one. The problem was Sara didn't want the clutter at our entry and I didn't want Maggie to get to my things and push buttons, mainly the power button to the computer. So we design something clean and modern, that would hide all the computer stuff but allow me to have my clutter. For the last few months Maggie and me have been building the desk. We finally brought it into the house today.

Now the real question is how long will it take Maggie to figure it out? She has already been taking notes for the last few months.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The World is my Playground (Part II)

It is amazing what a few inches brings to Maggie's grasp. She can climb into her stroller to let us know she is ready to go somewhere. She can reach the counter top and pull down any knifes or other sharp objects left near the edge. She can now climb down steps facing forward. She has also figured out how to move chairs to gain access to even more. Everything is available to her and nothing can be left out. It is driving me crazy.

She loves being outside. Indoors she follows me around everywhere but outside she speedily ventures anywhere without me. If I get turned around by a small distraction she can be out of sight in a few seconds. At the playground she is still more interested in things on the ground like rocks, chewing gum and cigarette buds. The hardest about getting this shot was stopping her from eating the bread we were feeding the birds.

Even with the temperatures rising into the hundreds, she could spent her entire days outside. She already has a nice farmers tan.

Maggie loves water and playing with anything she can move around. In the pool she is becoming less and less concerned with holding onto her parents. If there is anything to climb or swim in, she is definitely in heaven.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aweful Questions

The hardest choices are often between two good things. For example take the quandary Adam and Eve found in the Garden of Eden. God had given them two commandments: they were commanded to replenish and multiply (Genesis 1:28), and they were command not to partake of the fruit of the tree of good and evil (Genesis 2:17). The quandary was they could not keep one without breaking the other (2 Nephi 2:22-23).

Why would a loving God give two contrary commandments? I think Joseph F. McConkie gave one of the best answers I have ever heard (The "How" of Scripture Study, BYU Education Week: August 21, 2006). In truth it seems we are all faced between two things we love, two goods or two commandments that conflict with each another.

Jack Bauer is not the only person faced choosing between two goods, family or country? We are all faced with decisions in life which bare negative consequences because they force us to choose between two good things. It is a particular challenge for people who believe in the morality of consequences. If the consequence is good then the decision is good. If the consequence is bad then the decision is bad. But in truth the hardest and sometimes the most honest things we do have negative consequences. That is why the Garden of Eden is so crucial. It teaches not to focus on one commandment or one good thing but teaches us that we must weigh everything in the balance and then choose the greater good, despite the consequences.

Here are my awful questions (between two goods). I know this sounds ludicrous but I believe some people have actually been face with some of these questions. The real point of the questions is to force you into a difficult situation. I think the awful questions make us think about some of the choices we make. Those who believe that every decision in life has an answer with no negative outcomes will refuse but just because your candidate isn't on the ballet doesn't mean you shouldn't vote:)

You must choose between saving

You must choose between

You must choose between saving

And here are the worse than awful questions (between two evils). These are the worst of any situation. Every time I vote in the presidential elections, I feel like I am choosing between two bad candidates. Nobody likes these questions, that might explain low voter turn out. I honestly don't know if it is true but Hiroshima was always explained to me in these terms. I can't imagine being President Truman.

You must choose between

Your must choose between stealing from

You must choose between

The World is my Playground

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wild Animal Park

Birds, birds, birds... Maggie enjoyed pushing her stroller around with Mom.

Tigers and Lions and Rhinos... oh my!

The wild life mixture of animals... not quite the same cage.

Finally I got a good look at a Okapi, the Zebra-like giraffe.