Friday, February 27, 2009

Maggie Lynn Richins

Born Februrary 24, 2009
9 lbs. 7 oz.
20 1/2 inches long

Our first morning with Maggie


Sara already forgetting the pain.

Sara thinking about having another one.

"Finding the right bow"

Bow #1

Bow #2

Wow... bow #3

Oh, bow #4

Bow #5

Bow #6

Bow #7

Bow #8

Bow #9

Bow #10

Bow #11

Ah, the perfect bow.

I just wanted to post this picture to show what everyone else was doing while I was laboring on this post... a father's work never ends :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost there

I went to my doctor's appointment this morning and am measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule so we have moved my induction date up to next Wed ... February 25 ... my sister Tasha's birthday! How fun is that?!

Stanford is not too keen on inducing (he believes in doing most things natural) but I'm so scared I'm going to have a gigantic baby that I'd rather set a time and date for baby to come. And since my doctor is ok with it, I'm ok with it. And, according to my doctor my due date is Feb. 27th and not March 4th like I was told in the very beginning. So, I'm really not having this baby all that early.

I'm also happy about the fact that tomorrow will be my last day of work and not next Friday! Yeah for baby Maggie joining our family.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final Count Down

First off... when did babies become so complicated??? I think I was put to bed in a cardboard box... but I guess things have changed since then. Sara's friends just gave her a baby shower and she came home and layed everything out. Everyone has been more than helpful and giving us more stuff than I know what to do with. I built new shelves in the closet which are already full. Anyway, Sara already does so much that I am now posting blogs for her... so that she can take a nap but instead she organizing another part of the house.

A pink bonnet carefully smocked by Grandma Torgerson (AKA Mom).

Diaper Heaven (Really looking forward to using these).

Carly came down from Cedar City for the shower.

Everyone is pregnant these days.

It had just rained... it was a beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am sick with a nasty cold. Being sick is no fun and being pregnant and sick is even worse. I am all about taking medicine and there's really nothing I can take except cough drops and drink herbal tea. Those are at least is soothing on my throat.

When Stanford and I were in CA last weekend we spent a few hours on Sunday at my sisters house before going to see her in the hospital and Brayden (her 2 year old) was sick with a pretty bad cold. I was only around him for a few hours and felt fine the rest of the week until Friday.

My throat starting hurting that day. And I got progressively worse as the weekend went by until I woke up yesterday morning with a full fledged cold....sore throat, running nose, watery eyes, and feeling just plain yucky. I was sick enough to call into work and literally laid on the couch most of the day. And here it is, 2am on Tuesday morning and I can't sleep. My throat is on fire and my nose goes between runny and stuffed up. So annoying! I really can't afford to take more time off work. I need the hours for my maternity leave. Yet I really can't go to work feeling this way. So I'm hoping against all hope that in the next few hours I'll miraculously feel better.

On a pregnancy note: I'm 36 weeks. Less than one month to go. I'll be getting induced on March 3rd - one day before my due date so that my doctor will be able to deliver me. He's out of another hospital and it's quite a commute for him to deliver at UMC where I will have the baby so that's why we're inducing.

It's a pretty surreal experience to think we will have little Maggie join our family in a month. It's overwelming to think about how different things will be. Am I ready to be a mother? I go back and forth between excitement and nervousness. I just pray that when she comes I'll be ready and that the motherly instincts will kick in. I guess we'll just wait and see :).