Monday, March 19, 2012

No more pull-ups

It has now been a few months of no pull-ups for Maggie.  I never thought I would be so happy; it's one less major expense and one less cleaning project.  She really enjoys her new independents and often refuses any help unless its a difficult button.  Okay, there are still a few cleaning projects but to have only one baby's diaper to change is like being in heaven.


  1. She seriously has gotten so pretty! I can't believe how cute she is and how she looks like a real human lately!
    ps you posted two days in a row!!!!! I'm in heaven!!!

  2. Amen!! Ok so Raymond still wears a diaper at night (but mostly that's my fault because I'm not good at getting out of bed (crib still... working on that too) in the morning so he can do his business in the right place!). I LOVE only changing one child's diapers!!

    Go Maggie for going all the way!

  3. It's truly an exciting step in life. Congrats!!! :)

  4. I hear ya! We just went to our first time of no diapers in 7 years. AMAZING. And it feels great. She is getting so old. These pictures make her seem older then when I saw her just last month. How can that be?

  5. Tash-I don't know how that happened but she looks older to me too. Her round baby cheeks are gone and she's starting to mature. She is such a characther these days!!!