Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eating things

Henry prefers to feed himself, while Maggie still asks to us to spoon feed her.  Baby food is almost out of the question since nobody wants to clean up that mess and Henry refuses to be spoon feed.  Occasionally he will let me feed him yogurt but in general he would rather be eating grapes and frozen peas and anything else he can wrap his small fingers around.


  1. Wow. Henry is unbelievably adorable. And once again, Maggie is so beautiful!!!!!! Sara you look amahzing and I (p) especially enjoy the first picture where you're laying down. We especially love that you are posting everyday!!

    -p and mom (collaborating via facetime)

  2. Can I just say your family is VERY photogenic. Seriously. Every one of you. I just love your posts. Make me happy.

  3. wow! I love the posts everyday too. We need to do more photoshoots! And Paige...I'm pretty impressed with the comments everyday!!

  4. Love it! And love that cute Henry boy!! I can't wait to see you in May! (I should email or call you abot that sometime...!)