Friday, March 23, 2012

Bird Viewing Preserve

Maggie refers to today as No-TV-Friday.  Yesterday our friend, Adam Hebdon, paid us a visit.  He told us about an interesting study with children and TV.  According the study, for every hour of TV a child watches their chances of getting Attention Deficient Disorder increase by ten percent.  Okay, that's just another reason we have No-TV-Friday.  It's actually harder for me to get through Fridays than for the kids.

But rather than focus on what we don't do on Fridays... I am turning it into Field-Trip-Friday.  Today we went to the Bird Viewing Preserve.  It was fun.  I felt like a speed walker coaxing a turtle along. Henry crawls faster than Maggie walks.  I try to turn everything into a race, so that we can actually cover some ground.  She is a good runner but when she is walking everything becomes a detour.  Anyway, we had a nice picnic with the birds... or as Maggie calls it a "nic-nic".

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  1. I think we need to try this..."No-TV-Friday." It would be good for us too. But, I hear ya on it being harder on us then them! I will need to come up with some "Field-Trip-Friday" ideas too.