Sunday, March 25, 2012

Henry's fall

Last week while I was reaching over the shopping cart to get some cabbage, Henry leaned forward while simultaneously Maggie gave the cart a push forward, catapulting little Henry out of the shopping cart.  I watched it in slow motion as he free fell to the concrete floor several feet below. He landed perfectly flat on his back, while his head never touch the ground.

It was horrifying to watch but I knew it could have been fatal.  The fact that he didn't even get a bruise or scratch on his head is nothing short of a miracle.  Only a few hours later he was playing with his sister like nothing had happened.  The grocery store attendant was very helpful.  I had to file a report, which felt like an application for the worst-parent-of-the-year-award, but at least I wasn't rushing off to the hospital.  We are all very grateful Henry is still alive and healthy.

PS. Yesterday, I shot pictures of him falling onto the bed.  In light of this story in might not seem like fun but unlike the event at the grocery store, Henry was contagiously laughing which put a big smile on my face.


  1. That is so scary. I would have been mortified to have to fill out a report like that too. Glad everyone is just fine though. You are probably more traumatized than Henry.
    PS-If we ever see each other again remind me to tell you about when I accidently threw (yes, threw) Weston up in to the air only to have him land face first on the sidewalk. He was about 18 months old at the time. Sigh.

  2. Oh my gosh my favorite little Henry!!!!! So glad he didn't die.. also hilarious about the worst-parent-of-the-year-award... k loveyoumissyoupleasekeeppostingeverydaybecauseiloveitwithallmyheart


  3. I'm so sorry that happened! It must have been horrifying to watch!

  4. Wow. Scary. I seriously have had it happen almost a couple of times and it has my heart going so fast. I am so glad it ended up all being okay. I love those dropping pictures. Henry looks like he is having a blast!! I can just hear his laugh.

  5. I meant to say I have almost had it happened a couple of times...and then my heart is beating so fast...

  6. My heart was racing for hours after.