Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Month

Sara started asking for special favors under the guise of birthday month but somehow it has become part of our tradition. Anyway, I rather enjoyed my month of special meals and unnecessary praise. February belongs to Maggie. She turns one.

So here are some of her latest discoveries. Her new word is "WOW!" I guess she couldn't say "Hi Dad" indefinitely. It makes me laugh just hearing her excitement. She still prefers crawling to walking. She has a big smile especially right after meals. Her new favorite food is frozen pees but she likes all food. Michelle and I tested her abilities by feeding her a lemon and she didn't even flinch... oh, ya she eats rocks so why would a little lemon hurt her.

She loves danger. I taught her how to jump off things into my arms... so far I haven't dropped her but occasionally she will jump off things when I am not anticipating it... thankfully my reflexes are average but I am rethinking my methodology.

She still loves piling books off the shelf but now she will help gather them up so we can put them back on the shelf. For awhile I would squeeze the books in so tightly you couldn't removed them but that doesn't work anymore. The book shelves have all been reordered so that cooking books can be found on every shelf in the house.

She loves hiking and going on bike rides... as long as we are moving. She enjoys the swings at the park and recently started crying when I pull her out after a thousand oscillations. I thought she would be happy to get out but I vaguely remember swinging for hours as a kid... oh, how quickly we forget the things that entertained for hours.

She is our special treasure. We love her mischief and discoveries. It really is worth all the troubles and frustration, even after finding your favorite book torn or losing a good nights sleep.


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! Hooray for her birthday month! I love how mischievous she is. That's a riot about the lemon too. I can't believe it's been a year already!

  2. Happy Birthday Month Maggie. You were born in the best month if you ask me! I cannot wait to come and celebrate your birthday with you. I love hearing all the things you are up too. And those pictures? YOu are such a cutie!! Love you Maggie

  3. Wow. One already! She is such a doll. I love the mirror pictures. Sounds like she has some great parents too. Happy Birthday Maggie!

  4. I can't believe she's turning one at the end of this month! Amazing! She really is such a delight and I can't wait to come home each night to play with her. Oh how I love you Maggie!!

  5. that last message was from me ... sara ...

  6. What a fast year!!! Anwen adores her and we're so excited for you all to celebrate her first year!