Friday, February 26, 2010


Have you noticed that Sara's blog has been hijacked? Yes, originally this was her idea and I was only going to help out with the technical stuff. But the reality is Sara doesn't write blogs, she reads them. She reads about her friends, family, my friends and even strangers. Then she tells me what is going on in the world. I really like this way of seeing the world. Our cyber roles have emerged. She comments. I post. Occasionally we might break the rules but that is just the way it is.

Even though Maggie is already one, she is still our chubby baby.

A few weeks ago Maggie walked across the room while we both were daydreaming.
She has been walking steadily ever since.


  1. What fabulous pictures! I love that plaid dress. So cute.

  2. So sweet!!! I love her dress, she looks ready for Easter. :) I love your posts too (and Sara's comments) so keep them coming. Have a fun birthday celebration this weekend!

  3. I just realized that's the quilt I made her (in the first photo). Melt my heart. She really is the cutest thing. I love her chubbiness--it is so so cute!