Sunday, February 7, 2010

Redrocks, Lost Creek

A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect so Maggie and I biked the Redrock loop. I packed everything I could think of, except extra water. Near the top of the first hill I gave Maggie her bottle and decided to bike up to a better resting spot a hundred yards up. By the time I got there Maggie was drench in leaking milk and freezing. The weather was nice but not that nice. I stripped all her clothes off only to discover the extra clothes I thought I packed were missing. So I wrapped her in the only warm thing I had, my hoodie. It was the perfect little blanket and she stayed toasty inside her trailer. I however was freezing and I thought I might die at the twelve mile marker because for some reason I thought the loop was twenty-one miles, fortunately it is only thirteen. I was so so happy to see the exit. No pictures though... I was in survival mode while Maggie dosed into a pleasant sleep.

Last week we returned with my cousin Jenna to go hiking. It was the perfect hike for kids. Two-year-old Cooper ran up the trail without any major problems. Maggie loved climbing around and eating lots of rocks. It was fun to get out the house. Muchas gracias cousin!


  1. Those are some fun pictures! I wish I could have been there. Maggie looks like she was having a blast!

  2. Fun!! I love how when you feel like you pack the world with you you still always forget the couple things you really need. Sigh. Sounds like both adventures were super fun :)

  3. So fun! I was just thinking today that Raymond and I really (REALLY) need to get out and go for a walk. But when I checked the weather it was 30 degrees and I just didn't think he'd handle much more than going to the mailbox (otherwise he just turns into a gasping red-nosed boy and it breaks my heart!). So fun that you guys got some great adventures :)