Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thanks for making it to the big celebration! Brian, Tasha and the boys got up at 5:30 AM, just so they could be here for Maggie's first birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa came out the night before. Here are pictures for everyone who wanted but couldn't be here.

We celebrated Tasha's Birthday too!

Sara's handy-work

Polka dot party banner (how-to)

Birthday hat provide by Tasha.
Polka dot dress provided by Grandma.

Birthday party minus Chase who was sleeping.

Grandma and Brayden

Presents galore

Cake from scratch to zero in two seconds!

Still eating the scrapes!

Testing scientific properties of Cake!

Tasha's boys.

We finally got Maggie a phone.


  1. AH! I wish I had been there. Sara, your polka-dot banner is just fantastic. And Maggie is darling in her polka-dot dress. And I LOVE that she got a phone. If I had known how much she loves to talk on the phone, I would have called on her birthday (I mostly was thinking she was still a bit too young to get it... I was wrong!). The whole thing looks wonderful. Love it.

    (And I love your system of Stanford posting and Sara reading :). Sorry I often still address my comment to Sara, Stanford.)

  2. What a fun first birthday!!! I love the picture of Sara on the sofa resting after the big day. It is a lot of work to throw a party and to have guests staying too! But it all turned out so fun. I loved the cake, simple and sweet. The polka dot theme was genius. Rachel is also a BIG fan of phones. We have about half a dozen or so kicking around: old cell phones, toy phones, princess phones, elmo phones, etc. The list goes on. I have to say I like the old cell phones though b/c we can take them to church. :)

    And Stanford, your photography just makes the whole party look beautiful from every angle. Love you all so much!

  3. Oh, it was SOOOO fun. We are MORE then glad we got to be there. It was so much fun. I loved it all. Now I just wish we got to be there all weekend long. Sigh. Love the picture of the boys. Stanford you are the best!! I want to see some of the others you took with Maggie in there too. How did you get one with all 3 smiling? YOU are amazing. Oh, it was such a good day. We just love you guys. Sara, the decorations were fabulous.

  4. What an adorable birthday party! I love the polka dot theme. Did Sara make that party banner decoration? It's so cute. I need a tutorial! :) Maggie sure is a beautiful little one year old. So fun to get some family together to celebrate. Great photos!

  5. i still see stanford in her, but i'm starting to see you. this is a fun stage!

  6. What cute polka dot decorations! And I saw Maggie's new swim suit on Tash's blog, a-dor-able. Happy Birthday to Maggie!