Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Anniversary

On Sunday Stanford and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We got a great deal (thanks to Tonya and Dale) at a place up in Bear Lake, Utah. It was a two bedroom, 2 bath place with full kitchen, jacuzzi jet tub, and cable! (Those of you who know us know us know we finally have a tv but no cable). We left Friday night after 8pm for the drive to Salt Lake and didn't get to Michelle's house until 2:30am. Thank goodness for Stanford...he was a lifesaver this weekend for all the driving he did. After getting some sleep and some new tires put on our car we headed up to Bear Lake. The drive through Logan canyon was beautiful!! And just as we made it to Bear Lake it started snowing. I loved it. Stanford wanted to take me snowmobiling so we went straight over to the rental place and rented a snowmobile for three hours. I was a little nervous about it because it was snowing pretty good and the guy was telling us how easy it was to get lost or stuck on the trails so I was praying that nothing bad would happen. We got stuck once, thanks to me, and after that I let Stanford do all the driving. Visibility was pretty bad at some spots and at one point we had to stop and say a prayer so that we would be able to find our way home. But it was great fun! Our bodies were so sore afterwards and we would definately do it again.

Saturday night we went out to eat and bought some groceries and veged out infront of the tv. This was also the time I found out about my Grandpa Torgerson passing away. My cell phone had limited reception and on the way to the restaurant I read the text message my mom had sent me. I was shocked and devestated. I mean, I knew he was on hospice and that he didn't have much time left, but I thought he had at least a couple of months. I was so sad but grateful that I had some quiet time with Stanford to talk to him about it and share favorite memories with him.

Saturday night Stanford's mom and sister came to stay with us. At first they weren't going to make the drive because of the snow but later in the evening it stopped and they decided to come. We are so glad they did. Michelle also brought her dog and Jonathon's two dogs (which I was not happy about) but we had a great time with them. We played Ticket to Ride several never winning once!! ... and on Sunday we went for a walk in the snow and to church, and just veged out. Stanford's friend Jared also came up and played with us all day Sunday. When everyone left Stanford and I just continued to relax. The view of the snow covered houses and lake was just beautiful. I felt like I never wanted to leave. It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary!

Haley jumping while Picasso and Tucker look on

The dogs enjoying their time in the snow

Stanford and I standing on top of Bear Lake

My first snow angel ... on top of the lake


Paula (Stanford's mom) calling to the dogs so they wouldn't attack my while I made my snow angel!



  1. I can't believe you posted pictures of the dogs... you really are an animal lover... you just don't know it yet.

  2. I loved getting to hear all about your weekend. With everything happening with Grandpa I never got to really hear a lot about it. I am glad you had so much fun. It looked like such a gorgious place too! What a great get away. It is nice to do something fun for anniversaries. We really hope to do something this year. I don't know that it will happen since we have too many things already building up for this summer, but we kind of hope it does! I love that you went snowmobiling and everything! You two are great.