Sunday, March 9, 2008

Being sick...

This past week I caught another cold. I just had one a month ago and then sure enough, another hits me. This one really wiped me out. It started last Thursday night and stayed with me through our trip to Utah, trip to CA, and then got worse when we got home. I was home from work Wed, worked Thursday and Friday with low energy and barely a voice and then took Saturday off work and literally crashed all day. I didn't go anything but lay around and sleep. Stanford worked so I didn't feel guilty about being lazy. Today I've done alot of resting aside from going to church. I started to feel better today but now that evening is here I don't feel so good. I was complaining to Stanford after church about not feeling good and having do so much to take care of myeslf (yes-I was having a bit of a pity party) and he proceeded to remind me of all the things he's been doing to take care of me. So...I want to publicly thank him for being so good to me. Here are some things that I love about him:

He will rub my head, neck or back whenever I ask him to.
He's a great cook and made me dinner tonight.
He went to see a chick flick with me last night and didn't complain about it.
He notices the small things I do - like clean up the kitchen or fold his laundry.
He went to the store at 4am last week to get me cold medicine.
He writes poetry.
Today is his daughter's birthday and he's talked about her all day (as well as sing to her answering machine).
He forgives me for my shortcomings.
He waters our plants.
He stays in bed with me longer just to cuddle even though he's dying to get out of bed.
He likes to do service.
He loves to be around my family.
He is creative.

Thank you Stanford for loving me and taking care of me!


  1. What a sweet post! Isn't it nice to have such a good husband. ;) Sorry that you have been sick.

    LOVE your blog! How did you do it?

    Can I just say again that you and your sisters are darling in your matching glasses!!! I can't get over it. :)

  2. Thanks, Sara. I am still trying to find something I can do for you, that goes unnoticed. You always notices if I clean up the kitchen or make the bed in morning. One day, I thought you almost forgot but it was only a matter of hours before you noticed.

    It really makes a big difference in my life to be appreciated for every small thing. You do a million things I never say thank you for or express my appreciation. Thanks for all the times you folded my clothes or made the bed or cleaned the house or paid the bills.

    yours truly,

  3. I hate being sick! I am such a horrible patient. It sounds like you had a good "nurse" to take care of you. I hope you feel better! Miss you!

  4. I am sorry you have been sick too. I really do not like being sick! I am glad Stanford has been so good to you. Brian and I are always talking about the 2 of you and how awesome we think both of you are and how happy we are that you found someone that does just seem so perfect. I hope today is a better day and you are really able to kick this cold very very soon!!

    PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE your background too. Now, you're going to have to teach me how to do it!

  5. You are one lucky ducky! I am sorry you have been sick (as Tasha would say, no bueno!) and hope today is much better.

    ps. I also LOVE your new background! Way to go :)

  6. So sorry you're not feeling good! Thats no fun at all, especially when it's the kind that just lingers forever. You are a lucky girl to have a sweet husband. Keep looking for those little things that you appreciate! :)