Monday, January 30, 2012


For Christmas Maggie got Dora the Explorer bandages.  They certainly didn't last long.  Unfortunately, she did a similar thing with a role of postage stamps. 


  1. Oh my heavens! So cute. I love that they match her outfit :).

    (it might not be so cute with stamps... maybe try giving her stickers next!)

  2. How cute is this? She is absolutely adorable and of course Henry too!!

  3. Oh, I think I would have been pretty mad over the postage stamps. These bandages...they just make me laugh and laugh. She is so stinkin cute!!! My favorite part was Brayden seeing them on Facebook earlier and saying "Wow, she has a lot of hurts." I just had to bust up over that. And then a few minutes later he said "Oh, did she just put all those bandages on herself?" Yep, Brayden, she did. I love them. Maybe I need to get her more Dora bandaides for her birthday!

  4. Holly Hellen she's a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!