Monday, February 27, 2012

Maggie's Dora Pink Party

birthday mail
Turning three was fun. I got this awesome bandage from wrestling with my Dad the night before. My plan was to wear it my entire Birthday but Dad pulled it off while I wasn't looking.

Grandma T came to visit me. I had so much fun with her. I helped them sing happy birthday to me! I got pink ice-cream. Yum.
birthday candles
Henry crawling
Sara made delicious cupcakes
What would a party be without dirt
blowing out my candle with a little help from my friends
present time
more presents
Grandma with Henry

Group picture
I had the best pink Dora party ever! I got to deocrate star cookies when my friends first came to the park.Then after playing at the park for a while my dad handed out maps to me and my friends and we went on a Dora treasure hunt to lolipop hill(where we got favorite!), rock mound(where we got a piece of candy), and cupcake tree(where we got a prize). It was so much fun. We then sang Happy Birthday and ate pink cupcakes and I opened up so many great presents. My friends, parents, and grandma gave me fun Dora presents. Thanks everyone!


  1. YAY!!! So much fun. I love it all. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures so I feel like we got to be part of it all. I am glad you had such a good 3rd birthday Maggie. I sure do love you!

  2. Maggie is such a sweet kid..I love er...