Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Testament Chart/Bookmark

Sara and I are excited about our new Primary class of nine and ten year olds. We are reading the Old Testament. I put together a little reading chart. It can be broken into 12 months by rows. There are markers every 10 chapters and every 40 chapters to help track progress or provide rewards for achievement. Anyway, we wanted to share it with you. The chart contains selected readings from the Old Testament as part of the LDS seminary program.

Click on image below to download pdf template of the bookmark.

After printing the original... it felt too heavy. Reading the Old Testament is already intimidating enough... so I decided to lighten it up. Hence version 2!

My kids actually preferred the black and white version. Here is version 3 slendered up.


  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing this. I am seriously excited.

  2. How very, very cool!! What incredible Primary teachers you are, I love how much thought you put into your callings. You're inspirational!!!

  3. Very fun! I taught that age group for a little while back in Moorpark. It's a great age!

  4. This was a great idea. Ana is obsessed with it and has been reading every night. She can't wait to get to that last row so she can tell you she is ready for a PARTY!