Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old News Update

These are some of my favorite non-snow images from Christmas. Documenting the events of the days, mostly lounging around and occasionally gathering people together for a game. This year we played Credit Card Monopoly, original introduced to us by Jeremy and Carly... it has become a tradition to bring a new game every Christmas. Megan played out her first game until her last million vanished... it was a horrible plight but kudos for sticking in until the very end... literally, she ended up playing my properties and won... how is that for life!

Someone is always on the piano. Guess who's hands?

Our welcome sign for Taya at the train station. Quite comical because it took us forever to figure out where we all needed to be standing, spelling backwards with seven people is more difficult than we thought.

Events of the day

My favorite crazy

Maggie enjoyed all the new attention

Rebecca, Maggie, Taylor

I do believe that book is upside down.

Mischief everywhere!


Megan's turn.

Red meets Green

Grandkids with Grandma

Shout-Out to Laura for giving her room up to Grandma every year!


  1. What a fun and fabulous vacation. I just love seeing all the pictures. That sign at the trainstation was super super cool. I love it. And the picture of it is awesome! Glad you guys had so much fun over the holidays. And glad you get to go do that every year!

  2. So many fun pictures! I'm so glad you guys had such a great little trip. You deserved it! I love that piano picture. It makes me want tohave my own piano oh so bad. Are those Sara's hands? Of course that's who I would guess because I don't know the rest of the family... :)

  3. Great memories. Glad to see all the pictures.xo mom