Monday, January 18, 2010

Mothership Lands in Vegas

It just so happens to be 1AM. Maggie is running a moderate temperature of 101. She is happily pulling everything out of my wallet while write this. She is cutting through her molars... so I guess the temperature is expected and so is the late night visit.

A couple of months ago we built a spaceship. When I was a kid, I converted a broken food drier into the ultimate rocket ship. I would collect miscellaneous parts from broken things and attach them to my new endeavor. The best gadgets had switches and buttons to help simulate actual space flight. Maggie's ship is a little different but she enjoys it nonetheless.

the perfect green to attract aliens

Spacecraft entry

One last systems check

I think that is the signal for launch off

exploring the front of the ship or is that the back?

a little space dessert to celebrate

systems failure at re-entry

Ah, finally back on Earth, space flight wasn't so bad!


  1. That is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. Awesome.

    Hope the molars come soon! Wish I was going to be seeing you in CA this weekend too! Love you guys.

  2. That is so cute!!! I should try to hunt down a big refrigerator box or something and have Ian make our boys a spaceship too. They would love it. Maggie sure is one cute little one. Good luck with the teething!

  3. Okay, that is seriously cool. Beyond cool. Amazing. My boys are looking at it and drooling. They are asking why Maggie gets a space ship. Not them. Seriously, you are too fun. Can we live closer to each other so you can build space ships for my boys? I guess I need to be a cooler mom and build one. I just adore these pictures. At leastone of them should be on your website. I cannot wait to see all of you.

    Happy Birthday week Stanford!

  4. I like the spaceship and it's a great toy it looks like. If you need anything by way of teething helps we're right up the road.

  5. How creative! Maggie is a doll Sara!

  6. How very darling!! Those pics are awesome!! Those would be great hanging in her room. :)

  7. That is SO much fun!! T bone would LOVE that!!! You guys are so creative. :)