Friday, December 11, 2009


I have so many pictures of Maggie that I haven't shown anyone. Anyway, I thought I would share a few from months previous.

Inside the Crib

Under the bridge during intermission on our morning bike ride

I knew this size wouldn't last long

Our little explorer learns to stand

Only her Dad would allow her to put dirty bark in her mouth


  1. I LOVE all those pictures. And I love being married to a photographer!!!!

  2. Seriously!!! I'm trying not to be jealous because my girls' dad isn't a kick butt photographer. But I don't think we can give Stanford all the credit. I mean, when he has a baby like Maggie to work with, it can't be that hard to take adorable pictures of her! So cute!!!

  3. OH MY WORD! SERIOUSLY STANFORD. Seriously. Oh my word! They are FABULOUS. Fabulous. Hands down so cute and awesome. I love each and every one. I just kept strolling down thinking Oh, I think that is my favorite, and then the next one and think the same thing. The one is the sink is killer. But, really. All of them. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! You are making me want to go read my muanels for my new camera. I love them. Love them. I am so so SOOO glad you posted these.