Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho ho ho!!!

Okay, granted Maggie ended up playing with the boxes and wrapping paper mostly... but Grandma T's baby doll captured second place, hands down. She was captivated by the eyes and the bottle of milk that she couldn't drink:)


  1. So cute! Hope it was a great Christmas!

  2. That is toooo cute!!! Oh, how she makes me happy. I really wish I could see her again. Hope you have fun in Washington. Miss you guys! And wish I could just hold and love and kiss that cute Maggie. That Doll looks like a fun size for her (Mom is so funny). Way to go Mom!

  3. I'm so excited that she loved it! Cracks me up how fascinated she is with the milk :). I hope you're having fun in Washington! Miss you.

  4. That is so sweet how she loves the baby so much! We didn't get Katey very much, but she LOVES Ellie's baby that she got for Christmas too.

    Talk to you soon!