Friday, June 10, 2011

Taya's Graduation

Taya graduated with honors from Coupeville High. It was my first visit to the island since she moved there. Whidbey Island is beautiful especially the town of Coupeville. The graduating class was small. It was really cool to see the attention given to each student. Before the ceremony they projected two images of each student, one childhood photo and one senior picture. They also paired each student with there best friend, so Taya got walk the procession with her best friend, Tess.  How many graduating classes can do that? Anyway, I am really proud of her and I am glad we made it... speaking of which... we walked in only seconds before the ceremony started, we almost felt like dignitaries because it seemed like the town had been waited for us. Jenny had save us seats on the front row, so we quickly walked to the front with all eyes upon us and took our seats and then ceremonies started. It was surreal.


  1. That's awesome that the graduation was so personalized. How big was the graduation class? Blanding's classes are between 50 and 100 and that seems so much more personal than Westminster's... but this sounds even smaller!

    Congrats Taya!

  2. I love seeing the pictures. Congratulations to Taya! That is very neat how they can personalize it since there is such a small class. I think the fact that it is indoors is pretty awesome. She looks so happy. I love it!