Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry's Blessing

I really have a great family.  We were sad not everyone could make it but we are grateful for everyone who made the long journey.  Henry made it through his baby blessing without screaming, which constitutes a celebration.  We had pulled pork with homemade rolls by Sara.  Michelle provided a delicious pasta salad.  Costco provide chopped fruit.  Grandma Torgerson provided yummy cookies.  We also celebrate Uncle Blake's birthday.  It was a worthy celebration.  I only wish I had more pictures.

The group minus Maggie, who wandered off

babies sleeping

Henry with Mom

Blake's birthday cake, by Sara

The Donovan boys

Maggie with Aunt and Uncles

Maggie with Mom


  1. So great! We were sad to not be there. It looks like it was a great day though!

    Sara, I LOVE your haircut!

  2. So many great ones! That last one of Sara and Maggie is a new favorite of mine. Sara, you are SO photogenic. Seriously. We loved getting to be there with all of you. I am so grateful we were able to come. We hope to be at all your kids blessings, baptisms, etc. Love you guys!! Now we need to plan another get together