Saturday, June 11, 2011

Into Canada: Day 1

The first day of our road trip we crossed over a bridge and off Whidbey Island and headed north into Canada.  Even the air seemed cleaner in Canada, yet we didn't hear a single "aye" or "cheers", that didn't happen until day two.  After a few hours into Canada we stopped in the little town of Hope to see the Othello Tunnels, where we learn about Canada's effort to thwart the aggressive Americans from monopolizing the railroad  across the Northern Continent. The tunnels are now a walking trail but back in-the-day trains past through them transporting goods and people into British Columbia.  Passenger trains would run through the gorge at night to avoid overlooking the twist and turns of deep gorge of the Othello Tunnels.

While we were off exploring the tunnels our car was ticketed.  I guess in Canada they ticket for good behavior because it was only a notice to let us know that our stuff was stashed away and locked up properly.  We received excellent marks in protecting our car from theft, which as unfortunately has become a problem in the area.  Anyway, it was my first ticket for good behavior!


  1. Awesome. I love how much fun you have with your family.

  2. Wow, a ticket of good behavior. How awesome is that. See positive reinforcement. Maybe America should think about that.

    Your pictures are amazing Stanford. I just loved looking and relooking at them all. Love them. What a fun trip. You can just see how much fun you are all having together.