Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yoga Master

Don't try this stretch at home.  Paige captured this wonderful series of images at National Yoga Championship.  It looks almost like baseball... but in fact this is Professional Yoga... it is a new Olympic sport.  Every Yoga Master gets a number, a cap, mitt and tights.  The mitt is used for balancing and extremely delicate, almost ballerina like, moves.  They are judged on their balance, rhythm, foot placement and mastery of one-foot movements.  The new sport has been criticized for its similarity to the American past-time sport, baseball.  But other that the field and outfits, these two sports are nothing alike.


  1. lol. Love the comparison to yoga. Blake is pretty impressive! We are hoping to catch the next home game series! Yay baseball!

  2. Isn't it funny when we look at something from a totally different perspective?! This cracked me up!

    Go Paige! Great shots!

  3. Stanford you are so funny. I am glad you guys got to see them two weeks ago. I am counting down to May when he comes to San Diego.