Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ever wonder where your day goes?  I love the scene from "About a boy", where the jobless bachelor Huge Grant breaks-down his day into various activities and then he wonders how normal people fit a job into their lives.  Most days it is struggle to get everything in.  I was so excited to have a day with nothing on the schedule.  I was going to get so much done, including cleaning the house.  I cleaned the bathroom and I seemed ahead of schedule.  Then we went out to the garage and I worked on a project.  Then we went on a bike ride and to the park.  Then we ate a late lunch.  Then we took some pictures.  Then Grandma called and said she was almost here.  And then Sara called to say she was coming home early.  Somehow I had neglected the rest of the house, it was a disaster.  There was paper all over the floor and furniture thrown about from the photo-shoot. None of dishes had been washed.  The floor still needed to be vacuumed.  Breakfast and lunch was still on the table.  Maggie's toys were everywhere.  I was sweating bullets for the next twenty minutes.  Who knew I could move so fast.  Okay, the dishes didn't get cleaned but the house looked nothing like it did twenty minutes prior.  Whew!  Anyway, I threw Maggie in some old mismatched clothes because we were going to the garage but later we ended up taking a slew of pictures... and I was thinking about the lighting and everything else but FORGOT she was in this awful outfit.  Anyway, she currently doesn't care what I dress her in, besides she was too busy with her puzzle  and barely noticed the camera.  Moments later, it would be one more thing I would be scrambling to pick up.  Of course, Maggie's outfit was the first thing Sara noticed when she walked through the door... and that was a good thing!


  1. Seriously, right? I know the feeling all too well!! I will have such a long list at the beginning of the day, get a good early start... and then get totally side tracked!!

    And I agree: it is amazing how much "cleaning" you can do in a frantic few minutes!!

  2. Totally sounds like my day too. ;)

    I like the artwork pics especially.

  3. I love you Stanford. It pretty much sounds like my days too. And a lot of the time you are completely exhausted from the day and as you finally sit still in the evenings you think "What on earth did we do today? How can I seriously be this tired?" I love the pictures. And I laughed out loud that the outfit is the first thing Sara noticed. It probably would have been the first thing I noticed too if it was my kid. I loved that part. I love the pictures. Maggie is just looking so much older. I cannot wait to see you guys again. Good luck as you continue to tackle small projects.