Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanting to be something you are not.

So you want to be a snowboarder or a writer but you don't want to make the sacrifices necessary to be one. I love how popular movies generate temporary interests in things... I found myself wanting to be a Kung Fu martial artist after watching Bruce Lee but I could never get beyond yellow belt. I don't know why... why sometimes I want to be something I am not. Well, I really don't write.. especially technically.. or grammarically... but I recently applied to write for the Examiner and it looks like they might let me write for them. Finally I can be a writer or discover that I am not much of writer at all... time will tell.


  1. That is awesome Stanford! How exciting.

    And I just love that picture of you. Was it one of the self portrait ones? It is a favorite.

  2. Stan you should change the title to Finding Out You Are Something You Didn't Know You Were. Like, remember when you found out you were a weenie. jk That's so cool Stan... I always knew you were a creative writer/thinker.

  3. I am seriously so excited for you!! You will do great. Will you post some of your articles for us to ponder upon as well??

    And I love this picture of you (probably not a self portrait? I can't tell)... I think it captures you well.