Friday, August 20, 2010

Record Breaker

Okay, I am running this experiment and trying to post something everyday. I figure it might lead me somewhere, maybe to something substantive or maybe not.  I turn to my picture library for ideas... because posting everyday eventually draws vacancy.  The nice thing is I have enough pictures to post something until I am a hundred years old. So this post will break the yearly post record, taking us into new territory. I thought it only be appropriate to share a photo of Tasha who holds the record for comments... how she finds the time... I will never know but we sure love all her thoughts.


  1. how I love and adore Tasha.

    and she really is the greatest blog commenter.

  2. I noticed you had been posting a lot more, but didn't put it together that it was daily. Love it. Keep it coming!!

    And what would blogging be without Tasha's great comments??

    And seriously I love this picture of her and sweet Brayden. Two of my favorite people!

  3. Ya, I think it is because I have a bit of an obsession. It is my connection with my family and friends. I just love this picture. I had never seen it. Thank you Stanford. And I love that you are posting every day. It is actually one of the highlights of my day! (And I am being serious) I hadn't connected that you were doing it every day yet either...but every day this week I have come on and said "YEAH! another post and more pictures." Loving it.