Thursday, August 26, 2010

All about Paige

Did you know Paige has been writing in her journal near everyday this year?  I found her journal... just kidding... we chatted this week and I found this little snippet of a fact out. After I got off the phone I opened my journal and realized I had not written since early 2009.  I view journal writing like an honest conversation with yourself, almost like talking to yourself in the mirror.  I admire people who can write honest... I don't know where that is cultivated... maybe through journal writing.  Anyway, I am impressed with Paige... who knows maybe I will go write in my journal.


  1. Wow, I didn't know she has been writing in her journal so much! That's awesome. I treasure my journals, even though I go in spurts--writing a lot and then only intermittently for a while.

    I LOVE these pictures of Paige!

  2. I just love that girl. I loved getting to spend the earlier part of the week with her. She is just so fun and funny. I totally agree it is amazing she writes in her journal. Can I just say I am impressed with a lot of things with that cute girl. Every time I hang out with her I leave thinking how amazing she really is. And well, can I steel that picture of her and I for a post about this last week with her? Pretty please.