Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pictures from the last few weeks

Maggie's first Easter
Dinner at our home with Stanford's mom, and our friends Mark, Sun & Jenny

Stanford's mother came to visit for an entire week following Easter. We loved having her help take care of Maggie! She spoiled (us all) rotten!

I love this picture of Maggie -right before a melt down.
She is sporting her new BYU shirt that she wears the day of my brother pitches

Stanford, Maggie and I took a trip to California for a week so I could visit some friends from my old job (love you guys!), go to Julie's art show at UCLA (awesome), see lots of other friends (Lori & Haws/Cinnamon, Tom & Max ... to name a few), and visit with my family. It was great fun. Here is us at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We only got 2 photo's before the batteries died on the camera.

Grandma Snowball holding Maggie for the first time!

Michelle's awesome birthday cake Stanford made for her birthday. We celebrated with her at her home in Lake Elsinore.


  1. Fun fun stuff! That picture of Maggie just starting to cry is precious. You look gorgeous too! I love the picture at the Getty. It's such a beautiful museum. Glad that you got to have such a fun trip to CA!

  2. it was great seeing you... even if was only a brief visit. Maggie is a doll!

  3. great pics! That is was an awesome cake!

  4. hooray for new pictures! love love love 'em!

  5. So fun!! I love seeing all these pictures. Oh they make me happy. Only a couple more days and we get to see each other again . .. YIPPPEEEE HORRAY!!!! I seriously cannot wait.

  6. I have that same stroller and car seat and I love it. Chicco's the best! I have their high chair too. Love it.