Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

My Grandpa had his headstone long before he past away. When visiting we would always walk up to Fairview Cemetery to see his headstone. He was very proud of it and thought others shouldn't be the only ones to enjoy it.

My Father past away on 8.28.2006, unexpectantly! We buried him in Fairview Cemetery and my Mother asked me if I would design their headstone... which I gladly accepted. It has been nearly three years and Dad still has no headstone. I had the idea in my mind about what I wanted but I never couldn't get it on paper.

Finally, I called Mom and told her I was making a leap forward on the project. I think this should serve has my general idea and hope it does a better job than just words. There is a lot of symbolism in it. I think a few more notes might help clarity some of the important details but you get the general idea.

Grandpa's prized headstone, prior to death

Construction Notes

Reflective Puddle and Water Feature


  1. I love the angle of the stone.

  2. Your grandfather reminds me of this couple in a really quirky movie that I have. This couple decorate their grave site for the holidays! Ah...I love that movie.

    I think the headstone for your father is really beautiful! I love the water feature, placement of the words, and the angle thing.

  3. That looks beautiful. I love you to get to design it Stanford. What a neat neat thing.