Friday, December 7, 2007

The Newly Weds

Jack was a pepper-jack
round cheese gut
Jane was a mix
part Labrador, part All-Bran
Jack sang the chorus
on tune, who knew?
Jane sang the lyrics
break-dance, hip-hop
Jack was a hydrostat
unrushed and unbookmarked
Jane was a broken thermostat
an icecream burn
Jack was a misfact
a word unknown
Jane was a flavor
right upside down
Jack was a misbeliever
an A.M. chirper
Jane was alarmist
perpetually snoozing
Jack was a misdemeanor
FedExed but undelivered
Jane was back seat driver
last word heard


  1. A bit unflattering but I had fun writing it... besides it's my first poem for Sara.

  2. Stanford you are great! I laughed out loud at some parts. That was pretty fun. You are quite the writer. I think I like the last line best. And yay for writing Sara your first poem. Smiles to you guys!

  3. ummmmmm... I had to re-read it a few times to really get the feel for it. Then I found myself thinking "what a perfect match" :)
    Love it.

  4. I love it. I also had to read and reread it. In fact, I discovered it yesterday, but wasn't ready to respond yet. I love the imagery you create with the multiple interpretations (I am still not sure I get all of them, however).

    You two are my favorite match :)