Saturday, December 8, 2007

How I love technolgy

Whenever someone asks me what I want... I can never think of anything... being as we are already so happy, but today I remembered I have been creating this huge list of books on amazon (stanford's list) which I will probably never get around to buying. Anyway, I thought I would publish it as useful Christmas gifting information... maybe I can get Sara to do the same thing.


  1. I will admit, this is pretty helpful! (not nearly as much fun...)

  2. Wow, a book ... now I am very happy to know that. That was not a direction I was thinking and since I seem to have a complex with boy gifts I am always up for helpful hints. Much appreciated. I will just pretend I did not hear it from you! :)

  3. Every time I see the title of this post, I can't help but think of Napoleon Dynamite and his "Technology" song for La Fonda. LOL