Monday, May 20, 2013

Maggie's moods

Some of my favorite mood swings can be found in the early morning or right before bedtime.  Maggie is an addict of TV, flipping the switch off is like stripping a tree of its limbs.  She is a social animal. At the park an older girl tells her she no longer wants to play. She curls into a ball with tears of rejection streaming down her face.  Maggie is a synchronize swimmer. After shadowing a group of teenage girls at pool they magically let her into her circle.  She is a rainbow of smiles.  She is a clown.  Dancing and sketching her face to the amusement of her brother.   She is a task master, frustrated by the late hour her family wakes.  She is censor. Demanding that her Dad not sing songs early in the morning.  She is a dancer.  Performing ballets between the pews while the chore sings.  Maggie is all moods, tears and laughter, smiles and indignation, screams and whispers of I love you.

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  1. Oh, how I love her!! I love seeing all these fun parts of who she is too. :)