Monday, August 6, 2012

Tonya and Megan visit

It was fun to have my sister visit.  Sara was indelibly impressed with the lesson, singing time and games that Tonya and Megan did off the cuff for Family Home Evening.  Our normally rapid 5 minute event transformed into a full hour of productions.  We did a reenactment of "Daniel in the lions den".  Maggie enjoyed being one of the lions and Henry did a fabulous job playing King.  We also sang forgotten songs like "The Family" and "London Bridges".  We also played games like find Dora, which Maggie absolutely loved.   It was by far our most successful Home Evening.

Before we knew it our visitors were off to Michelle's house.  Maggie loved having Megan around to put her hair in braids, normally I just let her run around with wild hair.  We also enjoyed playing strategy games while the kids were down for their naps.  It made me realize how nice it is to have family.  We wish somehow that everyone could lived closer.

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  1. SO MUCH FUN!! I loved all those fun pictures. I wish we all lived closer too. Can we just all pick one place and move there together. Even if we were all like an hour or less apart. It would make me so happy. Love you guys! Glad you got your sister and niece to come visit.