Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boy power

Each week we show up to church with Henry and a new injury.  Just when that last bump or scratch heals he manages to find something dangerous. This week he climbed up the tub onto counter and slipped.  At first it looked like a small scratch but swelling soon revealed a deep gash inside his mouth.  The poor little guy still smiles but his lip is sooo swollen.


  1. AAhhhh ... good thing mouths heal quickly!

  2. Sad! That is a pretty big fat lip. Hope you manage to keep ER visits to a minimum over the next couple years! :)

  3. I swear I feel the same way with ALL my boys. People are always asking me "How did they get that scrap or cut or bruise?" The sad thing is half the time I do not even know. They are always doing something to get into trouble. I sure do love that Henry!! He seriously has the most adorable face and smile.