Sunday, July 15, 2012

Silverwood Lake, San Bernardino

Camping is a dirty business... I don't care if you have quarter showers or not... after a single day nothing is clean.  It also requires a crazy amount of stuff, just so you can eat and have sleepless fits all night.  Family camping is extremely more hardcore and complicated than guy camping, where everything is optional.  But watching our children playing in the dirt and catching frogs with Grandpa and their cousins makes the whole experience worth any misery we experience.


  1. I agree with you Stanford...camping is dirty business AND a lot of work...but oh so worth it!! I am so glad we were able to do this all together this summer. I just loved it all! Thank you for making the trip down since you had to drive the furthest. I LOVE love love all the pictures you took. They are fabulous and you even got some I was so sad I didn't the whole campsite and I love the first one of all of us (minus you Stanford). Oh, it was a great trip. Now, to decide where we want to go next year. Maybe we even add on one more day...what do you think?? So much fun. Love you guys!!

  2. you guys are brave! I am not a big camper, so right now my little ones are my excuse not to go! Maybe we will attempt something like this once everyone is out of diapers.

  3. So fun!! I love seeing all the pictures! Between you adn Tasha's posts we've spend quite a bit of time looking at all the fun pictures and wishing we had been there!! It looks like a fantastic trip!

    And I think the best part about camping with other families is not having to do ALL the work yourself... you can share the cooking and help each other with set up. And there are more eyes on all the kids! Share the work!

    I hope one year (next year?? who knows!) we'll get to come too!