Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pine Valley, Dixie National Park

Pine Valley (while Michael slept in)
This was Henry's first camping trip.  Since we didn't have reservations anywhere and it was Independence Day week, we thought it prudent to visit a less popular national park.  Pine Valley was the perfect getaway from the heat and crowds.

I am always excited about the prospect of setting up our tent.  Michael immediately set out to build a fire and soon we were eating tinfoil dinners in sunlight, which is first for me.  We had enough food despite leaving the hotdogs in the freezer at home.  I took the kids on a long nature walk and left Grandma and Sara talking around the camp fire.  We followed a trail along the river where we saw a deer and several squirrels.  At sun set I finally convinced Michael to turn around.  We got back just at dark and nobody seemed to have missed us.  We roasted marshmallows until they were all gone and then hunkered down for a long night of no sleep. Michael and Grandma cheated by sleeping in the car. 

Above Snow Valley State Park (too hot for Michael)

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  1. What a beautiful place to camp! It looked like a perfect adventure. We sure loved camping with you this weekend. We need to keep finding places to go camping! Yearly...at least...