Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Grandma T

Before Sara and I got married, Sara lived with her Grandparents, Bonnie and Chuck.  Whenever I was visiting, I stayed in one of their guest rooms.  I really enjoyed those moments chatting with Chuck and Bonnie in background correcting his stories or filling in little details.  They were both generous and kind to me.  But what I love most about Great Grandma Torgerson is that she has always remembered Taya's birthday and anytime we talked she asks me how she is doing.  It is impossible for me express what that act of consideration means to me.  Needless to say I adore her for that generous and simple act of kindness.


  1. This one is real tender. So glad I am featured in so many posts lately!


  2. Oh, how I love Grandma too. You got some great pictures. Really, treasures. I love Grandma Torgerson. I felt so blessed to have her there at the baptism. Thank you for taking these pictures Stanford.