Monday, April 16, 2012

Strange traditions

This is the first Easter Maggie encountered a strange story about how the Easter bunny bringing eggs and candy to children.  As a child, I could always count on finding an egg in each my shoes.  I also remember taking an empty basket around searching for hidden eggs.  Our search started inside the house but continued out in the yard.  The eggs were so well hidden that inevitably one or two eggs would be discovered weeks after our search ended.

I guess in some parts of California, the Easter bunny doesn't hide eggs but just scatters them about in broad day light.  I also discovered that instead of hiding each egg, some bunnies just stuff a hidden basket with goodies.  This is strange way of doing things.  I was also surprised when Payton discovered her basket, but instead of finding it full of candy, it was full of toys. 

It never occurred to me before, but I guess no Easter bunny is the same.


  1. Isn't it funny how everyone does it different? Jeremy grew up with not eggs, but plain old candy (jelly beans etc) hidden and scattered around the living room. Then they had an egg hunt (CA style... more scattered than hidden) at a little place their family always picnicked.

    I LOVE your eggs. They are gorgeous!

  2. Stan you did it! So proud. I love it.. You know, now that I'm an "adult" I feel really gypped that I never had easter egg hunts! I loved finding my basket on Easter morning (that is, until everyone in the fam had moved out and my parents laid in bed while I walked around the house awkwardly alone..) and I had no idea that normal families looked for eggs...but now I know and I feel left out of the club! Anyway, the rant ends here. You're a great kid... thanks for posting.


  3. PAIGE! I laughed at your post! I can still picture you on your own looking for your basket. Oh how sad! And guess what...I feel gyped too!! This year was my first easter egg hunt ever!! (That I can remember) and even though I wasn't the one finding the eggs, I was serisouly happy. I am all about an easter egg hunt from here on out. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the easter traditions we had growing up and wouldn't change them for the world!)